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Rhode Island Youth Suicide Prevention Project Receives $480,000 Grant - 2011-08-03
"" More

Community Prevention Manager Testifies on Capitol Hill - 2011-06-03
"" More

RISAS Leads Local Initiative to Support Children of Alcoholics Week - 2011-02-09
"WARWICK, Rhode Island (February 9, 2011) – Rhode Island schools and students are under great pressure to meet state and federal learning standards. Schools invest a great deal of time and money in curriculum development, staff development, policies, procedures, and testing. Despite efforts to create an environment where students are “ready to learn,” there are students who fail to meet the standards. " More

Higher Fish Intake Appears to Reduce RA Symptoms - 2017-06-26
"Eating fish at least twice a week may significantly reduce the pain and swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis, according to a study published online June 21 in Arthritis Care & Research." More

HIV Testing Inadequate in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men - 2017-06-26
"Few young men who have sex with men receive HIV testing, although they account for most new diagnoses, according to research published in the June 23 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report." More

Similar Skin Cancer Incidence Seen With Teledermatology - 2017-06-26
"The incidence of skin cancer is similar for patients evaluated by store-and-forward teledermatology or face-to-face consultation, according to a study published online June 20 in the International Journal of Dermatology." More

Study Challenges Touted Link Between Eczema and Heart Disease - 2017-06-26
"Researcher now probing whether more severe cases of the skin disorder increase odds of heart problems." More

Immunizations for High Flyin' Travelers - 2017-06-26
"Don't leave home without them." More

Boozing Can Age You Right Down to Your Cells - 2017-06-26
"DNA studies reveal alcoholics have shorter telomeres, key markers of aging and overall health." More

When Is an Opioid Safe to Take? - 2017-06-26
"Doctors say it can treat intense pain, but patients should stay on the drug for shortest time possible." More

Medicaid Cuts Tied to Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnoses - 2017-06-26
"Tennessee's 2005 Medicaid rollback could forecast what might happen if GOP health plans become law, some say." More

Risky Behavior Triggers Vicious Cycle for Vets With PTSD - 2017-06-23
"Report finds reckless acts a symptom of disorder, and they increase the odds of another traumatic experience." More

ACOG: Shared Decision-Making Key to Breast Cancer Screening - 2017-06-23
"Shared decision-making is being emphasized in new American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists mammography screening guidelines for women at average risk of breast cancer." More

Primary Care Pharmacy Model Attractive to Patients - 2017-06-23
"Patients express preference for a pharmacy-driven model of primary care versus a pharmacy offering minimal primary care services, according to a study published online June 18 in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics." More

Fish Eaters Report Less Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain - 2017-06-23
"Study suggests most fish may play role in controlling symptoms." More

2302 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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