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by Terry Trueman
HarperTeen, 2006
Review by Amy Ridley on Nov 14th 2006

No Right Turn

Jordan's father died three years ago and Jordan still refuses to talk about it with anyone. He has secluded himself from most of his friends. He wants to feel invisible and alone and appears to be doing a great job of disappearing from his life.

Jordan's mother begins dating their neighbor who has a beautiful Corvette that stirs more emotions in Jordan than he's felt since his dad's death. The car gives Jordan an identity at school that he's never felt before. All of a sudden he's the mysterious kid with the sweet car. He also catches the attention of Becka, the hottest girl in school

Terry Trueman keeps the characters few and focuses on Jordan's relationship with the car. His anger towards his dad is raw and very realistic for a teen who can't help but think his dad abandoned him. Jordan's relationship with his mom and her boyfriend Don are thoughtfully written. Don could have become an antagonist, but Trueman wisely chose to make him Jordan's ally. Jordan's relationship with Becka demonstrates his insecurities, and leads him to realize he is not the loser he thinks he is. A tough topic to read about is broken up by Jordan's amusing conversations with his best friend Wally. The use of the Corvette as Jordan's outlet for anger is unique and adds to the story.


© 2006 Amy Ridley


Amy Ridley received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Boston University.

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