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Child Development & Parenting:Adolescence (12-24)




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The NICHD would like to thank the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for its contributions to the conference Parenting and the Child’s World: Multiple Influences on Intellectual and Socio-economic Development, which provided the impetus for this publication, and its continued support for this effort. The NICHD would also like to thank the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research for its support of this publication.

The author would like to thank John Borkowski, PhD, Marie Bristol-Power, PhD, Dana Bynum, and Sharon Landesman-Ramey, PhD, for their dedication and assistance in creating this publication, and Laraine M. Glidden, PhD,. for her keen review of the material. In addition, the author gives a special nod of thanks to the staff of the Public Information and Communications Branch of the NICHD for their patience and careful reviews of the material presented in this publication.

In addition, the author sends her deepest thanks to Margaret Georgiann for her creativity, design expertise, and patience in completing this booklet.


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