Motivating Youth By Igniting Sparks by Dena Davis

Desciption: According to research from Search Institute, a SPARK is what people are really passionate about doing, that may allow them to express themselves and make their own unique contributions to the world. Finding and exploring that Spark is an important part of a child’s education and development. When young people know and develop a Spark and have the support of adults in growing it, they become ready and willing to be engaged and challenged. Igniting Sparks results in:

  • better academic outcomes
  • better social outcomes
  • fewer risk-taking behaviors

This talk will explore HOW to identify and ignite Sparks, and how (through community collaboration and partnership) we created a camp in Rhode Island all about igniting Sparks, called “Camp iAm”.

Dena Davis
Corporate Education & Leadership Specialist
ACTion Performance & Leadership 
Artistic/Creative Director



Contact Information

Sarah Dinklage, LICSW
Executive Director

eigh Reposa, MSW, LICSW
Manager, Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Colleen Judge, LMHC                  Director, School-Based Services 

Kathleen Sullivan
Director, Community Prevention/ Kent County Regional Prevention Coalition 

Heidi Driscoll                      Director, South County Regional Prevention Coalition 

Sue Davis, LICSW           Manager, Student Assistance Services     

Teri Gregg, LICSW            Manager, Student Assistance Services     

Diane Ferrara, LICSW      Manager, Student Assistance Services  

300 Centerville Rd.
Suite 301 South 
Warwick, RI 02886


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