Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vaping Marijuana by Heidi Driscoll & David Neill

Description: Electronic Cigarette use among young people has officially surpassed traditional cigarette use according to the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey (2011-2014). Electronic Nicotine Delivery System or ENDS are the newest trends we are seeing in youth use. Perception of harm is also at an all-time low since the majority of students see this has a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. Collectively, as prevention specialists, we know very little about these rapidly emerging products. Highlighted in the first portion of this presentation, Heidi Driscoll, Coordinator for The South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention will discuss the history of the ENDS products, recent studies regarding 30-day usage in middle and high school students, nicotine harm and the teenage brain along with a hands-on tool kit of ENDS products.The second half of the presentation will be facilitated by David Neill, Investigator for the US Attorney’s office and former Rhode Island State Trooper. Dave will discuss how ENDS and the confusion around legalization of marijuana are contributing to an increase in the number of middle and high school students smoking (vaping) marijuana. Additionally, David will discuss the method and dangers associated with using butane to extract THC from marijuana and how (ENDS) vaporizers are being used to smoke (vape) the marijuana butane by –products known as butane oil, wax, dabs and shatter. These by-products contain dangerously high levels of THC.Participants will take away hands-on learning along with slides and materials to train educators, parents, school committees, faith based, and law enforcement in this new emerging public health trend.

Heidi DriscollHeidi Driscoll has been the coordinator of the South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention (SKPP) for 3 years. Her previous background is in education; she was a teacher in a private nursery school for 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Master's Degree in Education. In addition to the everyday tasks of running her coalition, she is the adviser for numerous youth led organizations at the South Kingstown High School. 





David Neill: BS from the University of Rhode Island in physical education and health. BA from Roger Williams in Criminal Justice. Retired as a major after twenty-five years of service from the Rhode Island State Police. Served the majority of my state police career investigating violations of Rhode Island’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Have worked four years as an investigator for the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Rhode Island.  



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