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Pediatric Mood, Imaging, & NeuroDevelopment Research Study

Study seeks to identify the brain mechanisms of self-cutting and youth suicide

The Pediatric Mood, Imaging, & NeuroDevelopment Program ( is currently seeking 11-16 year olds to join a research study designed to answer 2 important questions:

1) Why do kids engage in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI--i.e., cutting themselves)?

2) How do we do a better job predicting youth suicide?

This study is important because suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of 10-33 year olds--and cutting/NSSI is on the rise.

With your help--we could address both problems with better, more accurate treatments and ways to predict who is at risk of making a suicide attempt.

We are looking for TWO groups of 11-16 year olds:
A) EITHER 11-16 year olds who cut themselves but have not made a suicide attempt
B) OR 11-16 year olds without any mental health problems and whose parents+sisters+brothers do not have mental health problems

Kids in both groups can not have braces because of the MRI brain scan.

Study involves TWO parts:
A) interviews/questionnaires/MRI brain scan (total time 7 hours; done in 2-3 visits)
B) brief 30 minute follow up visits at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 months

Kids/Families get -paid up to $680 if they do/complete the whole study
-copy of MRI brain pictures (for fun/science project)
-summary of evaluation (that may help guide care if it is needed)
-chance to help other kids/families struggling with cutting and suicide

Call 401-432-1600

Together we can make a powerful difference!!

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Contact Information

Sarah Dinklage, LICSW
Executive Director

Charles Cudworth, MA
Director, Clinical Services

Leigh Reposa, MSW, LICSW
Manager, Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Colleen Judge, LMHC                  Director, School-Based Services 

Kathleen Sullivan
Director, Community Prevention/ Kent County Regional Prevention Coalition 

Heidi Driscoll                      Director, South County Regional Prevention Coalition 

Sue Davis, LICSW           Manager, Student Assistance Services     

300 Centerville Rd.
Suite 301 South 
Warwick, RI 02886


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