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Rhode Island Youth Suicide Prevention Project Receives $480,000 Grant - 2011-08-03
"" More

Community Prevention Manager Testifies on Capitol Hill - 2011-06-03
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RISAS Leads Local Initiative to Support Children of Alcoholics Week - 2011-02-09
"WARWICK, Rhode Island (February 9, 2011) – Rhode Island schools and students are under great pressure to meet state and federal learning standards. Schools invest a great deal of time and money in curriculum development, staff development, policies, procedures, and testing. Despite efforts to create an environment where students are “ready to learn,” there are students who fail to meet the standards. " More

Another Foe for the U.S. Military: Skin Cancer - 2018-05-24
"For U.S. military personnel, deployment carries many dangers. And besides the well-known threats they face, these men and women are also at a higher-than-average risk for skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma, a new research review suggests." More

Closed Cars Can Become Deathly Hot in Minutes - 2018-05-24
"It only takes 60 minutes for a car parked in the sun to become a death trap for a 2-year-old child, a new study finds." More

Low-Fat Diet Tied to Better Breast Cancer Survival - 2018-05-24
"Breast cancer patients who adopted a low-fat diet were more likely to survive for at least a decade after diagnosis, compared to patients who ate fattier fare, new research shows." More

Health Tip: How to Get Rid of an Embedded Tick - 2018-05-24
"Many ticks carry disease, so it's important to remove a tick if it bites you and becomes embedded in your skin." More

Lung Cancer Incidence Higher for Young Women Than Young Men - 2018-05-23
"Lung cancer incidence is higher among young women than young men, according to a study published in the May 24 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine." More

E-Cigarette Flavoring Agent May Impair Airway Defense System - 2018-05-23
"Cinnamaldehyde, a commonly used flavoring agent in electronic cigarettes, disrupts mitochondrial function, correlating with impaired cilia beat frequency, according to a study presented at the American Thoracic Society's 2018 International Conference, held from May 18 to 23 in San Diego." More

Even at 'Safe' Levels, Air Pollution Puts Seniors at Risk - 2018-05-23
"For older people, breathing in dirty air puts them at risk of being hospitalized with a dangerous respiratory disease, a new study suggests." More

E-Cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit, But Cash Might - 2018-05-23
"Vaping has been touted as a way to help smokers quit, but new research finds e-cigarettes and free nicotine replacement products barely move the motivation needle." More

'Religious Refusal Laws' May Take Mental Health Toll on LGBT Americans - 2018-05-23
"Laws in a dozen U.S. states say it's okay to deny services to same-sex couples due to religious objections. But new research finds such legislation could lead to mental distress to lesbians and gays living in those states, not just those personally discriminated against." More

Is Fasting a Diet Solution? - 2018-05-23
"Research shows that fasting on alternate days has health benefits, including lowering the amount of inflammation in the body." More

Early Life Trauma May Affect an Adult Man's Sperm - 2018-05-23
"There's preliminary research suggesting that abuse or neglect in childhood might have an effect on the quality of a man's sperm." More

Preventing Child Maltreatment Not Yet Feasible in Primary Care - 2018-05-22
"The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) concludes that the evidence is inadequate for primary care interventions to prevent maltreatment. These findings form the basis of a draft recommendation statement published online May 22 by the USPSTF." More

2392 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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