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Rhode Island Youth Suicide Prevention Project Receives $480,000 Grant - 2011-08-03
"" More

Community Prevention Manager Testifies on Capitol Hill - 2011-06-03
"" More

RISAS Leads Local Initiative to Support Children of Alcoholics Week - 2011-02-09
"WARWICK, Rhode Island (February 9, 2011) – Rhode Island schools and students are under great pressure to meet state and federal learning standards. Schools invest a great deal of time and money in curriculum development, staff development, policies, procedures, and testing. Despite efforts to create an environment where students are “ready to learn,” there are students who fail to meet the standards. " More

Pot Use Ups Odds for Suicide in Young People With Bipolar Disorder - 2021-01-20
"Marijuana addiction increases the risk of death by suicide, homicide and other causes (such as car crashes) in youth and young adults with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, a new study warns." More

Many Parents Support 'Teens Helping Teens' Mental Health Programs at Schools: Poll - 2021-01-19
"It may take a village to support teens' mental health, whether it's during the pandemic or later. One option is having school-based mental health programs that offer peer support leaders." More

Fewer U.S. Cancer Patients Are Dying From Suicide, Study Finds - 2021-01-19
"New research reveals an encouraging trend: Despite the rate of suicide rising overall for Americans, U.S. cancer patients are actually less likely now to take their own life than in the past." More

Shorter COVID Quarantine for College Athletes a Good Idea, Study Finds - 2021-01-15
"After SARS-CoV-2 exposure, a 14-day quarantine is standard among university athletes. But shorter quarantines for these athletes, along with mid-quarantine testing, may improve their compliance without increasing the risk that they'll infect others, a new study suggests." More

3 Steps Could Nearly Eliminate COVID Infections on College Campuses: Study - 2021-01-15
"A combination of mask use, social distancing and routine testing would eliminate nearly all COVID-19 infections on U.S. college campuses, a new study claims." More

College Campuses Are COVID 'Superspreaders,' Study Finds - 2021-01-13
"U.S. colleges could be COVID-19 superspreader sites, and the first two weeks of classes are the most dangerous, researchers warn." More

AHA News: Registries Could Offer Insight Into COVID-19's Impact on College Athletes' Hearts - 2021-01-12
"Researchers are soon expected to release initial findings from a national cardiac registry of NCAA athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19, giving hope to health care professionals trying to better understand the impact of the disease on the heart." More

Youth Vaping Triples Odds for Adult Smoking - 2021-01-11
"Vaping may not be a way for kids to avoid the smoking habit, after all. A new study finds that teens who start vaping are three times more likely to smoke cigarettes in adulthood than those who never started with electronic cigarettes." More

Stressed Out in Lockdown, America's Young Adults Are Overeating - 2021-01-04
"When the coronavirus pandemic started, many people began baking banana bread and sourdough loaves at home. Stress eating is nothing new, and 2020 was a year filled with angst for a lot of people." More

Vaping May Addle the Adolescent Brain - 2020-12-31
"The study, of thousands of U.S. teens, found that those who vaped were three times more likely than their peers to report problems with concentration, memory and decision-making." More

ADHD Raises Adult Suicide Risk, Especially for Women - 2020-12-29
"Adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a strikingly high prevalence of attempted suicide, with women being at particular risk, researchers say." More

Counseling on Gun Safety Could Cut Suicide Rate in Military: Study - 2020-12-29
"When U.S. military personnel get gun locks and counseling on safe storage of their weapons, they store those guns safely, and that could be key to lowering the military suicide rate, researchers report." More

108 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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