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LD Pride Online
Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association
This non-profit organization serves adults with invisible disabilities including learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, and Fetal Alcohol syndrome, and mental illness. The website offers a wide range of information about invisible disabilities including a thorough explanation of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, interactive self-help information including a self acceptance and a learning styles module. The site also offers an interactive bulletin board, LD/ADD Quiz challenge, a chat room, and information about our services and supports.

British Dyslexia Association
British Dyslexia Association
The national organization for specific learning difficulties. The organizaton consists of 120 local Dyslexia associations and support groups. This site contains general information concerning the Association pertaining to UK residents only.

Contact Information

Sarah Dinklage, LICSW
Executive Director


Charles Cudworth, MA
Director, Clinical Services

Leigh Reposa, MSW, LICSW
Manager, Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Colleen Judge, LMHC                  Director, School-Based Services

Kathleen Sullivan
Director, Community Prevention/ Kent County Regional Prevention Coalition 

Heidi Driscoll Director,           South County Regional Prevention Coalition           hdriscoll@risas.org

300 Centerville Rd.
Suite 301 South 
Warwick, RI 02886


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