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Self-Esteem Themes
Self-Esteem Themes
This site provides links to self-esteem activites, articles, and lesson plan materials for teachers and students through Grade 12. The information is nicely organized and contains some interesting materials that are definitely worth checking out.

Acne Control - Effective Alternative Approach to Treating Acne
John Mok
The author of this site, an English Lecturer, gives his experiences with searching for a treatment for acne. This may sound trivial, yet the effect on so many adolescent children can be devestating. He gives an account of his own research and treatments that he has tried, including Western, Chinese and Alternative.

The Shyness Homepage
The Palo Alto Shyness Clinic
This, sponsored by The Shyness Institute in Portola Valley, California, is a gathering of network resources for people seeking information and services for shyness. This page encourages networking among those who face difficulty in achieving their professional and interpersonal goals. Only provides links to other informational sites.

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